120D Brush Cutter

The 120D provides the railroad industry with an innovative approach to railroad vegetation management. The prime unit is a John Deere 12 metric ton excavator that has been modified to work on the rail. The standard undercarriage has been replaced with a hydraulic driven lower structure. The 120 HP machine supplies power and hydraulics to operate the 8-foot mower head - which boasts the lastest designs providing a clear cut without the hazards of flying debris.

• A 90 horsepower engine and smooth powerful hydraulics combine to maximize engine output, save fuel and make multi-function operation a snap.

• Daily service check points are easy to get to thanks to large, easy-to-open service doors. Daily maintenance checks are all accessible at ground level.

• Hydraulic driven axles with integrated dynamic/failsafe braking are standard. This means there is no chain drives to maintain.

• A separate Deere engine and hydraulic system power the brush cutting heads.

• Both a 42” tree grinding head and a 96” brush clearing head are available.

• An ergonomic cab that brings a comfortable and safe work station for the operator.

• Controls are easy to reach and easy to move for boom and arm functions. Lever efforts have been reduced up to 10%.

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